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The New Caldas Modular CPE Crushers

Caldas is proud to announce a new product line with the CALDAS MODULAR CPE 400x600 JAW Crusher designed by Caldas and built in South Africa.

The CALDAS MODULAR CPE 400x600 CRUSHER is designed to be a highly efficient and versatile crushing solution to be operated in any corner of the world. This crusher is built on a robust and sturdy skid frame that will take the punishment from even the most demanding of working conditions.

Modular kits come with safety walk ways that are adjustable. The crusher itself is a reliable and energy efficient crusher that has been designed for low maintenance and high crushing ratios. With a weight of just 12 tonnes for the 400x600 modular version, this is a highly transportable option for customers that need quick and efficient crushing solutions in remote and urban areas. Transport can be done with a normal load vehicle with height restrictions taken care of by the folding feed pan.

The modular kit comes with a vibrating feed pan, crusher, motors, skid, discharge belt, and control box all ready to operate as a plug-and-play system. Safety walkways and kill switches are installed on moving components and all components are available off the shelf and are well supported by Caldas engineering.

This is a cost-efficient solution to create a high-output product in any environment. The modular can be powered by a generator or fixed power solutions. Due to its high maneuverability, it can be slotted into any circuit as an additional primary or secondary crusher unit with the construction of simple concrete foundations or temporary supports. This makes it an ideal solution across industries such as road building, demolition, recycling, quarrying, and mining.

The Caldas Modular CPE Crushers have been proven in a variety of uses such as in the Chrome, Gold, Coal, and Aggregate industries.

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